Import Track from Project : Destination Tracks assignment, still creates NEW tracks!!!

Whilst import Tracks from Project is a nice feature, it’s implementation has a few issues i’d like to see changed / clarified:-

  1. In the import dialog, you can assign a ‘Destination Track’ to import to - logically it seemed to me that the track that already exists in the target would be where all settings would be applied to. However, it does not seem to work this way, and instead imports a complete new track that looks like it’s the destination track (ui placement etc), but isn’t actually because the following things are affected post import:-

i) Visibility Configurations are all messed up - the imported tracks clearly show as new - if the imports were applied to existing tracks, they would retain all this.
ii) Due to new tracks being created and not reusing existing, any generic remote assignments that use specific tracks are broken. E…g I have generic rmote controller (Faderfox PC4) that controls ALL my FX busses (groups) with each group having a GR bank that maps the PC4 to that plugin. It works great and covers 90% of my tracks. Having a template with all this setup is the best way to get round cubase using track indexes, and I’d hoped that being able to assign imported tracks to a ‘destination track’ would maintain my template; but unfortunately it does not. (NB I tested this and ALL tracks imported were assigned to destination tracks in the tempalte - no NEW TRACK.

This issue drastically reduces the usefullness of Import from Project, as you have just as much work to do fixing the template after import!

NB, just checked, and “Export Selected Tracks” (from source) and then “Import Track Archive” (on target) has the same behaviour.

I’m going to check my side by side Cubase 8 install (mostly still got this for 32bit plug projects that I’ve not migrated to 10.5) and see if this is the same, as it’s not what I remember - but it’s been a while since I did a whole ‘template migration’ of projects, so my memory might be wrong.

EDIT, memory definitely foggy, can’t assign to Destination Track in 8 at all, so I must have been mistaken!! :laughing:

Either way, my feature request would still be:-

Actually import all events,parts and settings to the EXISTING destination track to respect all the work in setting up a template (visibility configs, GR assignment, plus I’m sure there is way more I am missing that will be impacted)