Import Track Settings Issue N11

Had 2 songs with identical live drum setups.
Had finished mixing the first and wanted to import the drum mix (track settings) to the second as a starting point at least.
I deselected Import Media (whatever it’s called) and selected only import settings.
The Drum tracks matched between the 2 projects so I selected existing tracks for these.
Some Effect, Group, and VCA Tracks were not in the second project, yet, so these went to new tracks (Happy to see all these included, now!).

What happened was Nuendo created ALL new tracks - but even more oddly deleted the audio from the existing tracks it was supposed to have imported to.

Has anyone seen this issue? Any ideas what went wrong?

I must say, though, I’m impressed that Effect, VCA, Group, etc. tracks are now in the dialog. And it DID set them all up correctly!
I was able to just pop the files back into their new tracks and all was well. bit of a pain, though.

Any insight would be appreciated.


Sorry to say that I cant help you But I have the exact same issue here… My drumtracks is deleted when I import the “mixtemplate” Can it be that the drumtracks is in a Folder? some bug, I have not tried to “unfolder” my drumtracks and then import the tracks… so I do not know… Its quite annoying anyway… have it in Nuendo 10.3 …


Thanks for the info.
My existing drum tracks were in a folder.
Doesn’t seem like it should make any difference - but I’ll play around with it and see what I can find.


Yeah, letme hear if that will do it!