Import tracks feature - improvement

I like the fact that this feature was added to Cubase 8.5.

I wish this feature would have few improvements.

  1. Match tracks - It would be a great time savior to have a button (like the one in ProTools), where if the tracks you’re importing have a matching track name in your session, then those two would be matched automatically. Right now you have to remember the track you are importing because when you start searching for the destination track the popup window is not in a right place, and the track you are on is not highlighted in any way. All those problems make this feature very hard to use right now.

  2. Ability to place the imported data in certain timecode, bar:beat place or at original location.

  3. Ability to import the tempo track from this window. (I know there are other ways of doing it).

That’s all I got so far! Thanks!