Import tracks from another project issue - Cubase 10.5

When importing tracks from another project cubase creates new tracks which color can’t be changed - it’s always grey. The same happens if you import data to already existing tracks - they become grey and the color can’t be changed.


It works to me here.

Very strange. Did you check it with 10.5? I have a project with lots of empty tracks (each is marked with color). I import midi and audio to these tracks from another project - after that all tracks change color to grey. And if I try to change color on one of those tracks - nothing happens. So I have to make a copy of each track - on a copy the color can be changed without problems…


Yes, I have checked with Cubase 10.5.0.

I can confirm this on PC as well. This also happens when you import a track archive, color of tracks is gray and can’t be changed. The events on the track can be changed but the the track color itself. Definitely a bug that needs to be fixed. Tried on 2 different PCs and a friend’s Mac as well.


I have just tested this on Windows 10 and it works to me here.

How exactly do you change the colour after? I tried to use the Shift + scroll wheel in the Inspector (Track Name tab). Or do you mean the colour of the events in the track?

Maybe you can try to create a new peferences file, based on the current Cubase version if you haven’t alread tried that out. After I upgraded from Cubase 10 to 10.5 I also had issues the colors in general (background, editor, cycle markers…). Try loading your preferences, make color changes to “track colors” and save it under a different name.

Updating to 10.5.12 actually fixed this for me. Event colors would change but not the actual track colors when importing track archives…