"Import Tracks from Project" broken?

Hi all,

after a looooong time of hesitation I finally bought the update to NU8. Still dislike the GUI (especially the mixer), but I thought I needed some of the features.

One of the features I’ve been looking for a lot was the “Import Tracks from Project”-option, as I use this in ProT**ls day in, day out. Somehow I can’t see Groups and FX tracks in the import dialog. 8-/ … Is this a bug, or am I doing something wrong?


Answer to myself: This seems to be a missing feature … oh boy. Can’t believe it … :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah you’re right - I don’t see FX or Groups at the import track dialog either. Hadn’t noticed this before. And there’s no way, at least that I can see, to save a group/aux channel preset. Both of these things can be done in PT.
I get that you can save group and FX channels as a template, but this wouldn’t help if you already have a session going and then want to import group or track presets.

Are we missing something?