Import Tracks from Project. Can't import VST instruments

VST Instrument tracks (from the Racks) are not visible in the tracklist when I try to “Import Tracks from the Project”
Looks like this issue popped up with 11.0.30 update.
Does anyone else have this issue or maybe know how to solve it?
thank you

Hi and welcome on the forum,

Do you input to the existing tracks or do you create a new tracks?

Are you in Mac or Windows?

Is it reproducible with any instrument? Can you open the VSTi plugin window other way (for example from the track)?

Thank you Martin :pray:
Do you input to the existing tracks or do you create a new tracks?
-This is what I do:
File-Import-Tracks From Project
then I choose a different project (from where I want to import tracks), it analyses it, and then show the list of tracks I can import.
In that list, I see all tracks except Instrument tracks.
I tried it with many VST instruments, none of them are visible.

However, if I want to load the same instrument as usual, within the one project it works as expected, all of them are visible in plugin browser.

If my explanations are not clear I can do the screencast, please let me know.

I’m on Windows 10 20H2
32Gb RAM


Does it mean, you don’t see the tracks in the list?

The Instrument Racks are not part of the list. Only tracks are part of the list. The Instrument Rack would load, if you load any track connected to the Rack.

Yes. I don’t see all tracks in the list.
But I used to see them. For example when I want to transfer Bass synth from one project to another.
I used to to that through File-Import-Tracks From Project
but now I can’t because those tracks are not visible

Hi Mark, any luck with reproducing this?
here is a screenshot for better understanding, see how instrument tracks look like empty folders, there should be instruments inside but they are not visible in the list, and these folders can not be opened


In the VST Instruments folder, there are no Instrument tracks. These are Audio Returns of the Rack Instruments. These Rack Instruments are imported only, if you import a MIDI track routed to the Rack Instrument (as mentioned above).

Mark, importing MIDI channel does not import VST instrument!
here is a screencast.
the Retrologue is not visible and when I import midi track the Retrologue VST is not being imported!
please understand what’s the issue is
VST instruments are not visible from the list!!!
Before this issue was introduced I was able to see VST instruments as well as their audio returns.
please have a look at the screencast.
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I’m not newbie, been using this feature since it was introduced, and now it don’t work


You said, it was working in previous version. In which version did it work, for you, please?

I can confirm, the Rack Instruments are not loaded. Only Track Instruments are loaded. But the very same behaviour is in Cubase 10.5 here on my side.

I’m not sure… maybe all the time I was loading Track instruments…
In this case, I was wrong…