Import Tracks From Project could be so much better

Yes, Import Tracks From Project could be so much better…

Like, it could :

  • Import BLOODY AUX Tracks
  • Import BLOODY FX Tracks
  • Import BLOODY VCA Tracks
  • Import instruments (VSTi) related to Midi tracks that are connected to them
  • Import automation only
  • import settings (inserts, eq, sends, volume, etc.) from one track on an existing one
  • Import only a RANGE of it, either using the range between the locators, or manually, entering TC.

Oh, please

…and many more.

Yes, agreed. I see this as a kind of v1 implementation and I’m sure it will grow and improve in the future.

What I’d really like is to be able to import some tracks and have all of the relevant group tracks also imported so that you can for example import a whole load of drum tracks which are routed to different groups for compression/eq etc.