import tracks from project incomplete

when i want to import any audio/FX/Group/VCA track from a previously saved xml file i can do this if the desired track has been included in the selected tracks saved.
the same i would expect from the function: import tracks from cubase project (which contains all tracks…)
but this is not the case. i only can import audio tracks from a cpr file, NOT the other track types.
this does not make sense to me at all. it looks i have to save separately all tracks as an xml file for full access.
why is the import from cpr project limited and does not offer to import all containing track types?
the information of all track types must obviously be contained in the cpr file.
attached the screenshot for xml import:
xml import from Track presets.png
and here the limited import from cpr file:
xml import from Track presets.png
import from cpr project.png

It’s a new feature and maybe not fully realised yet.