"Import Tracks From Project" is buggy

When mixing an album-like project or a movie score it’s not untypical to import (“merge-in”) parts of previous cues or songs to the next one. Apart from the well-known fact that the whole implementation leaves a lot to be desired in general, I get wrong fader settings after importing tracks:

No automation, just static tracks. 100% reproducible issue. How can it be that such a fundamental parameter gets misinterpreted …?

(Nuendo 12.0.50, Win 10)

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First this problem:

Now your observation. Steinberg should really pay attention to this feature. Things like the one you described above are easy to overlook, and then you have the problem. This is simply not supposed to happen with professional software! (Does no one check this before releasing such a function? :disappointed:)

After importing an audiotrack, existing VST instruments suddenly played along with the neighboring instruments. The drums suddenly played notes from the strings.
And not just once, but every time. Apparently the entire MIDI allocation is completely shifted.
I had to recreate some instruments and copy the MIDI tracks.

On a Cubase 12-base machine in a studio I work in regularly I couldn’t import track settings without deleting the audio events on the target tracks (… yes, of course the respective option was de-selected). This issue I can’t reproduce reliably, that’s why I didn’t report it yet, but it adds to the overall unsoundness of the feature in general.

This is getting worse and worse! Errors that occur “out of the blue” make me paranoid. This would be a “dead feature” for me. No matter how useful it is. (In this case, not very useful, at least not at the moment.)

At the moment it is nevertheless useful in our work of digitizing analogue sound carriers.
As long as everything is just pure audio tracks, without any MIDI and mixer settings, everything at 0dB, it works.
But unfortunately not in music projects where you import old tracks from an older project into the current one.

Do you use markers and import those? Because that is also problematic…

Sadly, importing tracks from an older version/project into a new project or version has always been a faff and never worked correctly at all.
As THambrecht points out above it is fine for just a pure audio track with no mixer settings but that is about all from my experience. From an older Nuendo version you are much better off disabling any inserts and effects & simply bouncing out the track in question, and from an alternate DAW (such as PooTools) I have always found AATranslator to be the puppy as this will do everything you need from just about any possible DAW type right into Cubendo

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It is a shame that this feature is so poorly implemented. Because at heart it is a really cool feature and therefore deserves a lot more attention and love from Steinberg. :blush:

It rarely happens, but in fact there are three core features where Nuendo should learn from ProTools - Session/Project Import is one of them.

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Spent a good amount of time trying to import a set of Dx tracks from my colleague to my mix template today with continuous crashes - Projects have identical settings, couldn’t get it to work.

Hi @Dietz!

From your screenshots I can see that in your original project you have set the Volume Max. (project settings) to +12 dB whereas in the new session it’s only +6dB. Maybe that’s where Nuendo gets confused?
It would still be a bug though. But maybe manageable.