Import Tracks from close

Nice to be able to import tracks directly from a project now without having to export them first. However the whole import process is plagued by the issue that tracks import based on their timecode.

This is a real issue for film composers because if I want to import a drum beat or a piano lick from one cue into another, the imported material comes in at it’s original timecode which makes it completely off the grid. Is there not a way to import tracks musically so that if something was recorded at measure 4, it imports at measure 4 in the new project?

I guess I’m also having problems understanding how importing tracks using their timecode base would be beneficial to ANYONE doing music. If all your projects start at and are at the same tempo I guess it’s ok, but…

Am I out in left field on this?

Truly though, thanks Steiny for the great software. Cubase is so much better than the alternatives for my workflow.


The function comes from Nuendo, where was introduced with Nuendo 7 in the smallest manner: Import Audio Track from Project.

In Nuendo it makes absolutely sense, how it is. For example, you get a new atmos-mix or new versions of dialogues to your mix. So it has to fit to the Timecode.

But indeed, in Cubase, it would make more sense to place it to the same Bars+Beats position.

Haven’t upgraded yet but sorry to hear that importing tracks still doesn’t have proper options for adapting the new material to the current project. I’m struggling with this myself and I disagree with Martin.Jirsak, it would make much more sense to simply give the user the option, depending on the timebase the project is based on.

+1 You are not out of left field on this. Was just going to post about this and saw your thread. Still no way to import “relative to project start”, or based on bars and beats. I am constantly grabbing material from other cues in a movie, but the sessions timecodes from cue to cue will obviously not match, so the material is usually not even visible and off the grid when imported. What I find interesting is that when you open the dialogue box for importing it actually lists the session start times and you can see that they are different, but there is nothing you can do about it. We are getting closer, at least we don’t have to deal with the xml stuff anymore, but hopefully there is more to come.


maybe it would make sense to move it to the Feature Request, what do you think?


Everyone please +1 if this would be helpful for you.

I +1ed in the Feature Request post (right place I suppose). Thanks.

Whats a use case for importing the actual audio from another project? I still think its 99% of the time for Cubase users what your needing to do is import the tracks for settings from 1 project to another.

Film composers need to do this all the time between cues. Check up several posts and I explain a basic case.

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+1 for the requested feature