Import Tracks from Project still don't remember their input ROUTING

One of the best features of Cubase still doesn’t work as it should be working.

Before recording multitracks i make a template project with all channel names, groups and routing according to that recording day. So then i can import that in all the projects of the demo songs later, so i don’t have to do the same thing 12 times or more.

I also make a preset of the input and output routing in the Audio Conncections. I select that preset. When I import these new audiotracks and groups etc. Cubase doesn’t copy it’s input connections.
So I have to manually change all these channel input settings again.
WHY Steinberg??

Make a template… just one click…

READ better my friend
I do make a template. It’s about implementing that is an existing project with the Import Tracks from Project function.

But did you saved it as a template?
The template holds all start settings in place. No need to import tracks to other projects.
If you start from the template, all is in place, already.

Templates only work if every project you start is the same. My project are all different depending on the client. Except my personal composition templates. But it is irrelevant on this topic about Import Tracks from Project.

It would also be nice if Cubase would remember the I/O-Settings for track presets. Sure, if I change my audio interface, I would not expect for that to work, but if the Audio inputs stay the same, why not?

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