Import Tracks from Project will not create New Tracks


Cubase 12 on Windows 11 here. When importing tracks from a Project, Cubase will not create New Tracks. Example is when importing to my mix template, any Project track I match to an existing track imports correct, any track I have selected to New Track, the audio copies over the pool, but no new tracks are created.
The only way I can get it to work is to create a track in my template for each track I wish to import and match them up on the import tool.
I have tried to import into an blank project, selecting new track for each imported track. Same thing. Audio is imported to the pool but no tracks are created.
Appreciate any help.


Hi and welcome to the forum,

Could you try in Cubase Safe Start Mode, please?

Hi Martin,
I get the same behavior when starting Cubase with 3rd part plugins and preferences disabled. I have created to videos posted on the Cubase Producers Facebook page (I cant share the links here). One import into a blank project. One import into a new project with some tracks 1;1 mapped and other set to New Track. In both instances any track set to New Track imports the media into the pool but does not create the track in the project.



Please share the video link here, now you should be able to do so.

Link to example video of issue: Cubase 12 - Import New Track from Project Failure - YouTube


To create the track, enable also the Channel and Inspector Settings in the Import Options > Track Data to be Imported, please.


I have tested this, and while it works, it overwrites my existing track settings which defeats the purpose of having a template. So, if I map main vocals to my main vocal in my template, all my template inserts and eq’s, send etc. are replaced. Yes, tracks not mapped are imported but everything mapped is overwritten.

So in this scenario I have to add all missing tracks in my template before I import mapping 1:1 using events and parts only (currently what I do). Or I import everything to New, set it to Channel and Inspector Settings, them move all the events up to the templated tracks I want.

Or import mapped tracks first then new tracks on a second pass?? Crazy!


This is other use case. Here you import to already existing track, not to the new track. If you import to an existing and you want to keep the Inserts (etc.), disable the Channel and Inspector Settings options.

Yes I understand now. I can’t do both on one pass. I re watched a video by Chris Selim showing how he uses it, and he called it out clearly.
Thanks for you help Martin.

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