Import Tracks from Project with bus routing?

some way for Import Tracks from Project with bus routing?
I think I did it one time on the first test, but than never. always is the input routing set to no input.
The buses are already in the vet connections.

some ideas?

thank you

Some way you can tell us what software you are using, and what way you are doing it now…?

hi thanks!

cubase 9.5

-Making buses in VST Conections
-Making Audio Chanel and set the input from the vet connections buses
-Saving the Buses Preset
-In New Project , load the bus preset, and than importing the audios from the project (with the buses from vet connections in the input)
-the Chanel comes without the routing, and I have to route every one by one again.

I think when this functions work is a good template for make my exports “via prints” for the mix process , (give to mix engineers or mix in another daw, or in cubase with only audio channels .