Import tracks from Project

Two suggestions to improve the “Import tracks from project” function:

  • Currently, tracks are imported to the same position as they are in the original project. However, most of the time I don’t need them at the same position, thus there should be an option to import them to the playheads current positon (similiar to when importing audio from aaf).

  • It’s still not possible to import groups, effect tracks and folders, which breaks a mix if these types of tracks are used in the original project.

And ai would add the function “Import track settings” for tracks, groups, fx…

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    I´m a big fan of Pro Tools Track Import Settings.
    Would like to have this in Cubase/Nuendo also.

Just tried this new feature.

It is not quite there yet because:

If my project starts later (in terms of TC) than the project I am importing from, data earlier than my project time line is not imported. This needs to be made available at user discretion.

I do not wish to alter my current project start times to get around the limitation of the feature.

Yes if there could be the same import function as on Protools it would be extremely convenient.

I know several major label mix engineers who are wanting to leave the Avid/PT system. The lack of a proper Import Session Data is pretty much the only thing keeping them from the move


it’s very important to be able to import groups!
Pro Tools has far better track import functions…

Importing an xml is great Nuendo to Nuendo, but still feels lacking when compared to protools import session data menu.

Also despite the competition, it would benefit Steinberg and Avid BOTH to work on being more compatible if both hope to remain industry standards (top two) in a competitive world especially when it comes to sound for television, ad, and short film picture since these are much more rapidly changing projects typically with teams collaborating all over the world.


but you can export Track Archives including Group Tracks and then import these, no?