Import tracks from project


Just realised that “Import tracks from project” has no option to import group tracks, FX tracks and output channel.
Is this normal or do I something wrong ?

Yes, this is normal unfortunately. I hope this will be added in a future update.

I see. I hope too.

I agree no group import makes this very annoying. I always have stuff grouped.

Yes, adding groups to track import would be great.

+1 for ITFP groups and FX tracks

+1 I really need this as well.

+1+++ me too

Bring on a full-on “Import Session Data” feature set simular to the one in Pro Tools… Pleeeease

Just for the record: it has always and still does with track archives. The functionality is given just the smooth way of importing without exporting from an active project is not yet there.

Also… beware theres a bug with the dialog for çopy files to project checkbox that looks checked but in the background of the software it is now - meaning you may be referencing the other project’s audio. If you then remove it and empty the trash in your pool you will unintentionally delete audio on the other project. This happened me. I have not used the feature since!


Agree, this function is not at all helpful to me without the group import option. I need this too all the time. Stuck with track import for now.

I used track import for the first time the other day. I’ve always used the Track Archive instead, but Track Import is obviously way quicker. But, yep, we need the group channels to be available too.


I’d go further… I want to be able to get at the FX channel of a project without having to open it and deliberately save the effect. Application of this is while mixing you want to get an effect from a different song that you had worked on

Any head up on whether this import settings feature will be expanded and, come to think of it, fixed so theres no chance of deleting data from another project (like what it did to me) in C9?

Oh yes! All individual elements should be transferable. Much like scene safe-functions on digital desks, just vice versa.