Import tracks in folder

Hi guys,
In the track view, I have several folder and tracks.
When I copy a track from a song and paste it to another song, if I select a folder before clicking on “Paste” button, the track is then pasted in the folder.

For “Import track” button, it does not work. If I select a folder, the track is always imported to the end of the tracks list.

It could be good to import the track in the selected folder, like for pasting.

… I cannot reproduce that one. That’s what I am doing

  1. Start VL, New Project
  2. Select TRACKS
  3. Create an Audio Track
  4. Copy the track with “Ctrl+c” or the “Copy” control in the header
  5. Create a new Song
  6. Create a folder track, make sure it’s selected
  7. Paste the copied audio track with “Ctrl+v” or the “Paste” control in the header

The audio track will be pasted next to the folder track. Can you please give me some steps how I can reproduce your one?

… ah, now I understand. You are talking about the track which will be created for the imported media file. I see. And this new track will be added to the end of the track list. And you expect it will be placed directly in the selected folder. That make sense. We’ll add it.

Yes, agreed. It should be pasted into a selected folder.