Import, Transpose, Export - Can it be that simple?

Hi, sometimes I launch Cubase just to transpose an accompaniement audio track (ie. karaoke). If my default workspace is 24-bit or 32-bit and I import a WAV file, tranpose it, can I just export it as 16-bit or do I need to apply some sort of dithering to it? And would that depend on whether Im exporting a WAV or MP3 or file format would be irrelevant?

The type of file (ie extension) is irrelevant. What is relevant is what you are doing with the file.

If you import a 48k file, you can just export it as 16-bit without applying a dithering plug on the op bus, but I would go ahead and take the extra 3 seconds and do it anyway. If you don’t, you will probably be ok, but if you want to burn to CD, I would recommend you definitely dither.


Hi Jeff, thanks and just to clarify…dithering is mostly crucial if the end result is going to be an audio CD yes?
I guess a shorter workflow (than dithering in this situation) would be for me to just create a template in Cubase which I’ll call something like “Transposing” and make its project settings 16-bit 44Khz and just use that custom template (in Steinberg Hub) to import tracks I want to transpose before burning to accompaniement CDs. Would you agree?