Import Troubles for Nuendo Project

Hi everyone, having a huge problem and could use some help, thanks.

So I’m trying to finish up my graduate film, and I’m having what I can only assume is an issue moving my project from Avid 7 to Nuendo. I’m exporting my sound as an AAF (setting details to follow), and it imports into Nuendo fine, but when I try to import other sound files, they are imported strangely. The effect it has is that sometimes, when they are imported then put on the timeline (either entirely or as specified regions), they sometimes won’t play, but I can attempt another import then they will.

Then, if I shut down Nuendo, imported files that I initially had no problem with will have the same effect.

I have performed several different exports trying different effects from the timeline, but the problem remains the same. I have also tried to see if it was perhaps the specific copy of Nuendo or the machine (or even the sound files themselves) by importing the same files into a different, earlier Nuendo project, but these come in perfectly fine. I’ve also made sure it was not a problem with the separate video file by running all my tests without importing the video. I was wondering if maybe there was something wrong with my AAF encoding that was giving Nuendo trouble?

My export settings are as follows:

Please help any way you can, I have to admit I’m a little desperate as I have never encountered this problem before, am out of ideas, and would really like to finish and graduate.

Thank you.

It can very well be that older Nuendo versions suffer from AAF incompatibility.
I suggest that you ask someone on this forum -with a N6.5 license- to import your project and send it back to you.
If not, then AA Translator is your friend.
If you provide your AAF on a ftp server, I am willing to convert it for you.


How would get access to an ftp server then? I’m willing to give that a shot.

Check your PM.