Import user data

Is it possible to import user data from Cubasis 2 to Cubasis 3 like projects-, audio- or midi-files?
Complete directories too? Via File-App or inside Cubasis?

Many thanks.

Hi Iskander,

Thank you for your message.

It is possible to load Cubasis 2 projects with Cubasis 3, as well as importing other files.
Whatever workflow suits you better, these operations can be done via the MediaBay or Apples’ Files app.

Hope that helps!


That’s fine.

Many thanks, Lars

Hi lskander,

While many Cubasis 2 projects will do import fine, there can be issues with other Cubasis projects.
If you encounter problems, please try to load the projects a few times. Often this works, and these projects will load fine from there on.


Hi Lars,

I want to buy C3 now.

Is it possible to transfer the COMPLETE data from C2 to C3 in one go without the loss of any data?

Is it possible to connect C3 to the old data in the Files-App? Or will there be a new another directory for C3 in the Files-App and I have to copy?

It would be nice to have a migration tool or a similar function inside C3.
I don‘t want to import one project after another.

When ist the moment, I can delete C2 without the loss of old data?

I‘m uncertain at the moment.

Is it possible, to create a step-by-step tutorial to migrate the entire data from C2 to C3?

Many thanks

Hi Iskander,

Thank you for your message.

The quickest way to transfer all your Cubasis data to Cubasis 3 might be Apple’s Files app.
Unfortunately, there is no way for us technically to offer a migration tool inside Cubasis 3.

To transfer your data, it might be helpful to have a look in the MedIaBay, what data you have, which makes sense to be transferred.

I strongly recommend, to make a full backup of your data first, to not loose any important files.
Once fully done, you can freely choose to delete Cubasis 2 at any time, since you can re-install it, if required.

Please note that Cubasis 2.8.2 is required to be installed, to freely transfer your Cubasis in-app purchases to Cubasis 3.

It should work fine to open previous Cubasis projects with Cubasis 3. However, there can be situations where it fails to open these. If you encounter problems, please give it a try to load these projects a few times. Once they open, they will continue to do from there on.

Hope that helps,