IMPORT VIDEO - audio track to specific folder


when i open a video file i miss having more options on how to import the audio.
one option i really miss is to be able to select destination folder for audio from video.

i usually have one folder where i put the video that is commun to all sessions where i make different musics for that video. problem is that first time i import the video in one session, the sound from video will be in that specific session rather than same folder as video that i can reuse for next sessions.

Yes plus having the option to move the video into a location in the project folder would be great when dragging in a video file (like a folder called VIDEO like the AUDIO Folder) this would help ensure that everything is nicely organized. In the pasts it may have been better to always run a video file off of another drive. However when dealing in games with a lot of small videos I think this can help

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