Import video (avi) file

Hello, tried to import avi file but a warning comes up that it is not valid or supported. Do I convert it to something else?

Any help is great, thanks.

I think I got it to work - I had to open the file using QuickTime first, it made some kind of adjustment, and all was good when I imported the file into Cubase.

Update - It is all for nothing anyway - what I was trying to do was replace the crappy camera audio with the good audio from a Zoom device. Cubase does not seem to have a function to then export the finished product - edited video with synced replacement audio.

Cubase does not seem to have a function to then export the finished product - edited video with synced replacement audio.

You can replace audio in video but you can’t edit the video at all and you can only do this with already exported audio rather than exporting them together.

Anything more complex than this needs video editing software.

The video functions in Cubase are still very basic. Its only real use is to have a guide video for scoring. It uses QuickTime for playback and only seems to work properly with mp4 or mov containers. It’s much easier to do what you want in Vegas (even Movie Studio) or Reaper 5, which has much enhanced video capabilities.

Nuendo has a function to replace the original audio and export it - it’s one of the things you pay (a lot) extra for in Nuendo.

Its usually so easy to replace an audio track in any video editing package, it’s not a big deal that it isn’t possible in Cubase.

Given the fact that more and more people are tasked with producing internet video and there is less and less emphasis on say, CD mastering, I think it’s becoming a bigger deal as time goes on – certainly in terms of workflow. There’s a feature request here.

Thanks all for the input. I think I’ll look at some video editing software. I’m not actually disappointed in Cubase in this instance - just outlining my struggles with media with my limited funds and knowledge. I believe that if the software tried to do too much it would become more cumbersome than it is already.

I can strongly recommend Sony Movie Studio, which is basically a cut-down version of Vegas, pretty unbeatable in terms of value for money, has excellent audio features and a workflow that will instantly appeal to DAW users (Vegas was originally audio-only).

Possibly, but we’re not asking for anything new really, just the ability to use the functionality that’s already there in a less brain-dead manner.