Import Video File in SX3- am I just being silly?

I just wanted to see what would happen: I used the import video file within a new cubase project file (SX3.x, whatever the latest verion of SX3 was) and here is what happened:

RIght monitor was filled with the movie. It played. And thats it.

Now am I just being silly or should I have seen a dialog box SOMEwhere ANYwhere that might come up and ask me what I wanted to do with said movie file?

My grand experiment was designed to see how far I could get importing clips into my very old version of cubase to see if I could use this method to (at the very least) work out ideas for scoring some short video projects.

My overall home studio situation is one of poverty induced non acquisition of anything new in some time. I am trying to see if I can possibly POSSIBLY get away with not buying a new computer. I put out two albums on my now almost ten year old computer.

Medion: WIndows XP Media Center VErsion 2002, Service Pack 2, Intel Pentium 4 CPU3.GHZ, 2.5GB of RAM.

Was my outcome with importing a video file due to my setup?