Import video no thumbnail cache and no video play on f8

Hi there;

I’ve poked around the forums and most of the issues like this are with versions prior to Cubase 10. I am using Cubase Pro 12.0.4 on a Win10 machine.

I made a video with my Google Pixel phone. It is a 30 fps mp4. The codec is H264. It imports into Cubase fine, but the exported video sees the video and the audio gradually wandering out of time.

Research suggests that this is exasperating, but expected behaviour of the H264 mp4 format.

So, I’ve used both VLC Media player, Handbrake, and Any Video Converter trying to convert the original video to various combinations of .mov and .avi files. Most have been 30 fps, using both fixed and variable frame rates. I’ve also mucked with 25 fps. I made sure each time that the project and video file frame rates matched.

I tried various combinations of codecs - H264, and mp4 - both indicated on the Steinberg website as supported codecs.

In any and all cases, when I import the newly converted video, it behaves in the same way:

  • “missing thumbnail cache”
  • does not play back when you open the playback window by pressing f8. It’s just a black screen with the timecode.

The variable is that, sometimes, the audio gets extracted and sometimes it doesn’t. (I’ve mucked with various audio codecs in the conversion process as well… AAC, mp3, wav). It doesn’t matter if I go to the pool and click on “extract audio from video” or not.

It doesn’t matter if I go into the pool and click, “generate thumbnails” or not.

I’ve tried resizing the video track. I read about going into the project settings and turning off the timecode, but it seems that is no longer an option in C12.

Can someone throw me a bone here and suggest what else I could possibly do?



I’ve made sure the conversion utility was not running when I tried to import the video.

Any and all created videos play back using VLC media player just fine, so it seems the issue is not the computer or the computer software (missing codecs, etc), but lies somewhere within Cubase…

Since I have no idea why the video doesn’t show, considering that you tried different settings in the encoder already, maybe I can approach a proposition from a different direction:
If video and audio drift apart in the original video can you use Cubase to re-sync the audio to the video? With time stretchning maybe?