Import video problem problem

I tried to import old project in cubbase 9.5 with video but the video is not here.
I tried the drag and drop but doesn’t work ( mp4 and avi) idem with import
Everything is ok with Cubase 8.5!
What is the problem ?
The codec is installed in my windows 7 64 bit and I can read the files but not in Cubase 9.5.x:
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Some other information:
I tried to import mp4 from screen recorder : Screenpresso and Hypercam:
It doesnt work we can’t import these mp4
very hassle
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The video engine in 9.5 is completely different to 8.5 so the problem is most likely an unsupported codec or framerate.
First check that the framerate of the video matches the framerate in the project settings.
Failing this you may have to re-encode the video itself to a supported codec.

Here’s a similar thread detailing this discussion which also has a link to the supported containers for each codec…


Thanks for your answer: you are right I must re-convert my mp4 files!
I also see that the old problem

of :“Video player stuck in fullscreen mode! is still here”!

Hope that steinberg will do something one day.

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In case you’re stuck in Fullscreen video mode:
Under Win10: Hit ALT+F4

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