Import vstpreset

I may be being a bit simple here, sorry.
Just installed Halion 6.
I want to access my old .vstpreset files from Halion (original) but I can’t.

All my old sounds I created are in VST3 Presets folder
\Documents\VST3 Presets\Steinberg Media Technologies\halion
But Halion 6 doesn’t want to know.
I have tried setting the folder from the mediabay, no joy.

What am I doing wrong?

Do you see anyting when you click the little downward playbutton and click “load preset” ?
(way up at the top and to the left a bit on the gui)

Thanks ever so for trying to help.

Yup, tried that. It sees my presets (although buried amongst hundreds of factory presets).
But if I try to load one, this is what I get;

Could not import HALion Preset ‘chug cello.vstpreset’.Error during import (errorcode 8)

  • Chunk not recognized.

I didn’t have an issue with Halion 5, worked a treat.


Hi Mickey,
can you perhaps send me ( one of your old .vstprest files. I’m sure we can find out why HALion 6 refuses to load your presets.

Thanks and best regards
Gerrit Junge