Import wav file to stereo track

Help. Trying to import stereo wav or mp3 file into cubasis and resulting track is mono. Left and right are there but track input says mono and output only one of two channels. Other iPad apps play track as stereo but not Cubasis. Seems pretty basic but not working for me.

Thoughts? Thanks

Hi Jtrichardzx81,

Thanks for your message.

Audio file import should work fine with Cubasis, and we’re not aware of any issues in this regard at the moment.
Could it be possible that the files are corrupted or unsupported?

If possible, please provide us with the files (WeTransfer or Dropbox upload, download link via private message) and we can have a look.


Thanks for the reply. The files are not corrupt because they play everywhere else fine. I have seen that sometimes the method of import can matter; wifi server vs itunes vs itunes file share. I will try that. I imported through google drive.

Any other settings that relate to track setup or audio device setup? My audio device is iPad microphone. Should it be otherwise?

I have used wav and mp3 from a British online source. If I try to re-render with another app, which one would you suggest? I will also try files from other sources.

Thanks for your time.