Import wav files from CUBASE to CUBASIS

How do I do it successfully ?

I tried exporting 24 bit wav from CUBASE and uploading to iCloud

Then I open CUBASIS and try to import from iCloud

I can view the iCloud files but can’t select or import to CUBASIS

What am I doing wrong ?

Is it exported file specification ?

Hi Steve,

If possible, please upload the wave file to dropbox and let me have the download link via private message.
Will give it a repro and get back to you.


Doing it now will pm you thanks !

Hi Steve,

Thanks for providing the wave file via dropbox.
I’ve downloaded the file and gave it a short check.

Since Cubasis does not provide w64 file support it is not possible to import the file directly.
Simply save the file as regular wave file (.wav) and it will do!

Tested it with your electric guitar file and it works as expected.

Hope that helps!


Hi, on a related subject

I have cubase elements 8 and cubasis, current versions. While trying to import a cubase file into cubasis Not realising I cannot import a cubase file, using the iTunes connection method (I have Windows 10). I used the “get file” command and imported into onto the IPad - cubase APP file box, I now realise I cannot read or even access this file, did this a couple of times until I realised I can only import a wave. These files are stuck in this iTunes - IPad - W10 box, and I can’t seem to be able to delete them, or even see them through cubasis on the iPad, or just looking at the
iPad through W10, any ideas please.

Thank you


In iTunes File Sharing on the Mac files like these can easily be deleted:

  • Select the file to be deleted
  • Hit the backspace button

Hope that helps.