import xml from Cubase halfway no notes

Hello, I have used Cubase for many years and now I want to do the fine tuning of the score in Dorico 3.5. Since they are both Steinberg products I thought the import and export between those two would go smoothly.
I am quite disappointed actually. I exported a simple piano piece in XML and the first 45 bars go well but then after that, there are no notes. There are the bars with all the time signatures, even the dynamics and pedaling indications but NO NOTES.
I deleted the xml file and exported again from Cubase but the same result. Then I imported the xml file back into Cubase and then there was no problem.

What could cause damaged xml files like this or did I forget a setting?

Your help is much appreciated.

I expect the problem will be a tuplet of some kind in the MusicXML file. Did you quantize the music in Cubase and have everything looking the way you want it to look in Dorico in Cubase’s Score Editor? In general the import from Cubase does work pretty well, but certainly the more straightforward the music is rhythmically, the more likely you are to get good results in Dorico.

Hello Daniel, thanks for your quick reply. This piece is indeed full with triplets and odd signatures. I used quantize and the auto lay out tool of Cubase, it looked fairly decent in Cubase but wanted to use features of Dorico like different dynamics for the left and right hand.

Is there a work around for this problem without giving up on the triplets and odd time signatures?


You might try taking the MusicXML file into another scoring application if you have it available. Some other applications with more mature MusicXML import features can be a bit more forgiving about how they interpret non-standard MusicXML. It might be worth trying to import it into MuseScore, for example, and then export it again from there, then bring it into Dorico.

I’d also be interested in seeing the MusicXML file itself so that we can see which specific things Cubase is outputting in this particular case that Dorico is choking on.

I did as you suggested. I downloaded MuseScore and imported the XML file with no problems. Exported again as xml and now Dorico imported the file correctly. If you like I can send you the Cubase xml file. I tried to send it via a PM but the xml attachment was refused.

Try zipping the file before attaching it to the PM; it’s the same for attaching a non-image file here on the forum.

Thanks Derrek,

I just tried that, tried with zip extension and rar entension but get an error message that the extension is not supported.