Import Zoom Presets?

Is there a way to restore Zoom presets to defaults (if there is such a thing) or import them from a previous version.
I had several presets I created and used in Cubase 7
But they were lost when I upgraded:
Interestingly, the manual shows about a dozen presets, are these created by default in a new installation?
Or do I just have to manually re-create them?

My Cubase 6 installation has a bunch of presets that I know I didn’t create, they must be defaults.
The Knowledgebase says Zoom Presets are stored in \Presets\RAMPresets.xml
I don’t know much about editing XML files. Can I just open the C6 one with Notepad, find and copy the appropriate section, and paste it into the C8 RAMPresets.xml?

Well, that was a little scary, but it worked, …sort of.
I copied the “list” section containing the zoom presets from the C6 RAMPresets file and pasted it into the C8 RAMPresets file (at what appeared to be an appropriate place). Voila! My presets are back, SOME of them anyway. All the ones with a zoom factor less than One Second still didn’t show up (in fact, these lines simply disappear from the RAMPresets.xml file every time I put them in).

Oh well, I’m happy now.