Just got H4. The manual says to use the import editor. I’ve found several references on this forum about being able to create an import tab. I simply can’t for the life of me FIND the import editor. I see the drop down on the right hand side of the media bay. But it only says import Halion FXB/FXP/Register vstsounds. I’ve got the browser tab open and I still don’t see and “import” option or editor. Can someone throw me a bone please?

If you install the Halion 4.5beta update you get a browser tab, highlight the sound in question and press L on your keyboard to load it. You can also drag and drop a sound to an empty slot or the program tree.

If you want to import FXP files from earlier versions of Halion, I drag and drop them from Windows explorer right into an empty slot or the program tree in Halion 4. If I want them automatically converted into Halion 4 VST Preset files, drag and drop the FXP directly into the Mediabay of Halion 4. It will list the newly created VST Preset files under the Halion 3 Content Library folder. You can then tag and categorize the way you like.

ah, thank you much. I had upgraded.

So I take it you are well sorted now? Anything left outstanding you are unsure about?

Yes, figured it out from your input. However, even though I know how it works now, it is not intuitive at all. I’m not sure if I’m importing, moving samples, making a program etc…

I’m sure there is zillions I am unsure about. I just started about 20 minutes ago and there is nothing more frustrating than spending most of that time trying to find something that isn’t there :stuck_out_tongue:

hehe, I hear ya. I actually find Halion 4 quite intuitive, once you get the hang of it I guess. I spend hours on it every day, even if not doing music creation exactly, just playing around, trying things out etc, so I am fairly comfortable with it now.

I would not say you are importing exactly, especially not moving. You are simply loading a sound from your drive into Halion 4 so it can be played back. Unless you use the external editor option for your sample, all changes made in Halion 4 are non destructive. You can change start and end points, tuning, play in reverse etc and it will never affect the original file on your drive. When you load a sound then save it from with Halion 4 you actually creating a program/patch for which Halion 4 can read and use at a later time in which all changes you make to the original sound file can be stored within the patch unlike a wav file which you can reload from stock over and over, but then have to make the actual changes over and over if that is what you please. The 4.5 update really helps things in this regard with the added Browser which 4.0 glaringly omitted. The added time stretch, multi core support and various other offerings are icing on the cake. There are still things I would like to see done with Halion 4, it is far from complete, but it is definitely well on its way to becoming a top program. I do just about everything in Halion 4 alone now, no other sampler or soft synth is used except maybe my Virus Ti. I even do all processing in Halion 4 unless I want something special in which I reach for my UAD plugins then.

I hope you find Halion 4 more intuitive to use after time, it really has lots to offer.

If I can help you in any other way, let me know!

For a lot of things, it was simple. I think it was so easy to find other things in the tabs I was caught off guard for something that is usually fully fleshed out in a sampler. Routing, mapping, filtering, mixing the various controls like megatrig etc… were all pretty easy to get to. It was just when I went to load up an nki that I got stumped because the manual says one thing and you don’t do that.

I’m sure I’ll be back with questions when I start getting into the guts of building complex patches. But, I like the general layout much better than Kontakt. In fact I like it a LOT better. I wish this was how Cubase was.

I couldn’t agree more. I too love this much more than Kontakt. Kontakt still offers things Halion doesn’t of course like slicing etc. Maybe in time Halion 4 will become even more feature rich.

I also really like the way Halion looks and operates and I wish Cubase was the same as well. Perhaps the dockable windows, resizing etc are a sign of things to come for future Steinberg products such as Cubase?

Yeah, H4 has the windowing right. Wavelab got close, but somehow made something that is by convention supposed to be easy for the user(docking, tabs, workspaces) into a mess of layout building. I don’t know if you have programmed, but the W7 model is really a layout model for programmers. Anyhow H4 did a good job providing custom interfaces.

Your gonna laugh, but I’m not sure I like the color of the program. Trivial BS.