PG, I asked for this a few months ago. I use Clarity Meter, Sonarworks and need another slot for MetricAB. I agree that 4 slots is a good number.


Please improve specific WL Plug-ins
Peak Master
Stereo Expander


What do you want improved in Leveler and Peak Master?

i love theese tools
they are very usefull for me
i hope a new graphic guy
with more functions

thankx :wink:


Or each track?

Get Vegas. Problem solved. We do NOT need VIDEO editing in WL.

We do NOT need VIDEO editing in WL

Not Video editing, but Audio Editing along a Video reference would be welcome.

For me, video reference is the #1 feature request for WL, I had to buy Reaper just for that, would love to use WL if there was a way to reference video per audio clip.

Hi there!

I would like to place some suggestions of my own (I did read through most previous post, but excuse me if I missed ones):

1.) Master Rig works & sounds great, but I would love to see a possibility to add external 3rd party VSTs directly within the Master Rig (as in Ozone). I currently have a workaround which I am sure others are using to: Master Rig #1 (without Limiter / Maximizer). Then use 3rd party VSTs in regular slots. Then use Master Rig #2 (with Limiter / Maximizer). Would be more elegant if I could stay within MasterRig, for the following reasons 1.) Use less resources 2.) Save presets within Rig (incl. 3rd party VSTs) 3.) Easy A/B or Mute of master section. If that cannot be done without compromising the quality and efficiency of the existing signal chain, then I guess the current method will have to stick. I guess adding external hardware support within the rig might be a little challenging, but definitely nice. In the optimal case, the Rig would then also function as a plug-in slot extension = Internal RIG VSTs + 3rd Party VSTs + External Hardware.

2.) Can you add some more sonic flavors and / or algorithms in the Limiter section of the Master Rig?

3.) A fast & intelligent way of A/B ing audio files would be awesome (its mentioned in the first post). Since I have more then one master final, maybe possibility of referencing more masters against one source file. I understand that its possible within a montage project or within DAW tracks, but the important thing here is one-click button action without any pause or artifacts. The A/B ing needs to happen while the song keeps on flowing. Anyone who processes files would benefit from such a feature, not just mastering engineers. I understand that 3rd party plugins are out there that do the task; but its such a basic but important workflow feature that I simply believe it should be part of WL (without a steep learning curve and without much hassle to call up). It would be such a time saver and help speed up decision making processes’.

4.) More control of the file list export feature (txt, PDF aso) would definitely be nice, but not a deal-breaker if not included (;

5.) Solo features in Master Rig multiband EQ not only when you make changes but also for individual bands.

6.) Option to import Cubase Plugin Manager folder structures, Plugin Categories and Settings for VST Plugins. It would be useful to have one plugin manager that works for both Cubase and Steinberg. There is no option (either in Cubase or Wavelab) to store notes or comments or ratings for individual plugins. I do like the favorites icon (crown) option in Wavelab…

Very curious to see when WaveLab 10 will be released and what features will eventually be included. Good luck to Philippe and the whole developing team!


Manual dB input in the text input element in Master Rig is good. Would be great if direct input would work as smoothly also in the rest of Wavelab. Especially when you enter negative numbers, such as -0.5 db (Level). Some of the knobs in the Master Rig are very small, a little hard to read and its also a little difficult to make small increment changes, which in Mastering is important.

Exactly! I often master music that will also be delivered with video. If the final product has video, working all the time without seeing it is, to say the least, awkward… But, since I won’t give up working in Wavelab, I do it all the time…
One video per montage would already go a long way!

On the topic of video support/playback, I’d suggested to PG to look into this 3rd party VST video player:-

It works fine in Cubase for example but WL currently won’t permit it to load/operate - because the plugin presents itself as a VST Instrument (not a VST Effect) to the host and this is not allowed in WL.

Its got pretty comprehensive codec/format support built in, which is always a good thing, right… :smiley: Enabling support for this seemed like it would be the least amount of ‘grief’ for PG to take on; but hey-ho - we’ll have to wait and see. Maybe there’s an even better built-in solution coming… :wink:

Hi there,
I’ve just started try WL to produce samples for musical instruments.
WL is a wonderful program also for this use, my compliments!

Anyway, I add a couple of request for my specific use:

  • Option to inhibit the Auto-Fade In, feature already present in 9.5
  • Loop Tweaker - More zoom levels to magnify the waveform (0.5; 0.25; 0.125; …) That because when you loop an high frequency note, it’s hard to see start/end loop points. For istance, this is a A#6 (3729.3 Hz)

Seems like you buy CUBASE 10 and Wavelab 9.5, you cannot use the plugin Frequency from Cubase install in Wavelab.
I wanted to batch presets i made in Frequency plugin Cubase, to batch them into wavelab. Cannot do that, nice compatibillity…


One would think that ALL Steinberg products would be able to share their plugins. Why that is not the case remains a mystery.
The other big mystery is why Wavelab has so many problems with certain plugins when Cubase does not have those same problems. Maybe there are different teams within Steinberg and they do not share their “secrets”. Or maybe there is some proprietary coding that is not shared, Anyway maybe someday someone will write a “tell all” book about the inner workings of Steinberg and we will get to know what is happening in the corporate “back room”. FWIW

Here are a few requests…

  • When dragging an audio file into the Montage, set focus to Montage so we can hit spacebar or the numeric key’s Enter to play . (Instead of opening the wav in the editor or another app because it was focused on the Explorer/Finder window)

  • When double clicking on a Montage file in Windows explorer/Finder, set focus to the montage to be able to play.

  • Create a default GFK_Folder in new projects (Instead of a global folder)
    (I’ve sent a client a .gfk file by mistake 0_o )

  • Remember the Render path or ‘default to source folder’ in the render tab.
    (I know you can click “Set source folder” in the Location Tab, but having an option to automatically set it to default would be great)

  • Command to “Add wavs to Montage” in the File Browser
    (If you are working on a Montage and double click a wav in the File Browser, it opens the Editor. It would be great to add a modifier key, say Alt/Opt to add them to the Montage at the cursor position)

I’m excited for version 10 and from reading on another thread about Steinberg now distributing Spectral Layers. I hope it can be opened from within the montage as an external editor as well as others like RX.


Lots of good ideas, but do you know you can already press SHIFT+CMD+I (or program your own shortcut) to directly import files into a new or existing montage? I do this using the native MacOS File Browser inside of WaveLab instead of the WaveLab one which to my eyes is a little small and busy.

Also, default folder behavior can be annoying in various programs, not just WaveLab so for now, I found a great Mac app called Default Folder X:

It’s been a big time saver in many apps. If you’re on Windows, I imagine there is a similar solution.

I currently have a programmed shortcut to import wavs. The thing I like about the Wavelab’s File Browser is that it displays Sample Rate and Bit Depth helping to choose the right file and saving time.

I’ll check out Default Folder X: I’m on both Mac and PC so I’ll check for Win version of it.