Important feedback and android devices. ur22c and cubasis3.5

Here my experience with ur22c over usbc running cubasis 3.5, guitar on channell 1 or 2.

Motorola Edge, always worked, very clean sound is recorded, also studio qualiy isn’t affecting performance that much.

Samsung A8, very noisy after like 2 seconds of recording. Can hear guitar very clear on headphones monitor but if i move the knob to DAW only noise is there.

Samsung A71 used to work,then after upgrading to Android 13… never heard a sound anymore. Not able to select the input source and even with midi track playing I never heard a sound from the ur22c monitor phones.

So I’m just using the motorola but is very annoing.
Don’t suggest me anything like disable wifi or try other cables or reboot with other appps setting.

We,users, invest in the app andudio card of yo

urs, you must provide a list of supported android devices, or retire the app from where is not supported.


Funny part?
Switching from to other software the UR22C works perfectly, not on Cubasis.

Hi @leonardosalvatore,

Thanks for your message which has been shared with the team who is currently evaluating the problem. We are sorry for your inconvenience.

Best wishes,

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The following works for me:

  1. Power the UR22C with micro USB (flip the switch on the back too)
  2. Connect USB-C to your Android.
  3. start Cubasis with Midi disabled and UR22C pre selected as input and output source.