Important Notes About Getting HD Files

I apologize in advance for this insanely long post, but I feel that this concept is important to understand to avoid frustration when using VST Connect Pro. Here is an example situation to help explain the issue.

In Nuendo (same with Cubase), you click the “Project->VST Connect->Pro->Create Performer Track” menu selection with an active VST Connect Pro session running. This creates a stereo audio track in your project named “Performer Rec” with its input routed from the stereo mix coming from the remote VST Connect Performer’s session. This first track will be an acoustic guitar performance, so you rename the track to “Acoustic Guitar.” You also record-enable one of the tracks in the VST Connect mixer to capture a 24-bit version on the remote performer’s computer - for this example, we’ll use the default track named “Mic” - and then route the desired input from the performer’s audio interface to that track (a mono input in this case). You record-enable the “Acoustic Guitar” track in Nuendo and hit record. The performer does a great take and you want to transfer the local 24-bit HD files that were saved on his computer or iPad.

You then click “Get Local Files” on the VST Connect Pro Setup “MANAGER” screen to copy the HD files that were captured during the performance. When you do this, VST Connect Pro does the following:

1 - A group track is created in your project named “VST Connect PRO Group”
2 - A folder track is created in your project named “VST Connect PRO”
3 - HD files are copied that correspond to the events in the stereo “Acoustic Guitar” track that you set up above and the mono “Mic” track that you record-enabled in VST Connect Pro.
4 - In the original stereo “Acoustic Guitar” track, the events are updated with references to the HD files as they are successfully copied over, adding “_(HD)” to all of the event names
5 - A new mono track named “Perf. Ch. 0” is created in the folder track from step 2 that corresponds to the “Mic” track that was record-enabled in VST Connect Pro. Behind it are the 24-bit versions of the file(s) that were copied over.

You now rename the “Perf. Ch. 0” track to “Acoustic Guitar” and perhaps mute or disable the original “Acoustic Guitar” stereo track because you want the 24-bit mono version for your project.

Now it’s time for vocals. You again click the “Create Performer Track” menu selection, but this time you rename the stereo track to “Vocals.” The performer is using the same mic, so you leave the same “Mic” track in VST Connect Pro record-enabled. You then record-enable the new Vocals track, hit record and the performer again does a great take. You now want to get the HD files for this vocal take by clicking the “Get Local Files” button same as with the Acoustic Guitar track.

The stereo “Vocals” track is updated with HD files in the same way that the Acoustic Guitar was. However, no new track is created under the VST Connect PRO folder track for the vocals. You are in a panic wondering what happened to the files for the individual record-enabled “Mic” track with the vocal performance in them.

Unfortunately, VST Connect Pro has copied all of the events for the new “Vocals” track right on top of the mono “Acoustic Guitar” track’s events, and I’ve found in some cases you’ll be missing a file or two and will have to manually copy them over from the local user’s directory to get the HD versions.

TO SUMMARIZE - you MUST create separate tracks in the VST Connect Pro mixer for each separate track that you want to record in your Nuendo project if you want to get the local 24-bit versions without great difficulty. The first track in the VST Connect Pro mixer (“Mic” in my example) is permanently tied to “Perf. Ch. 0” in your Nuendo project, no matter where you move it or what you rename it to. You have to create a new track in VST Connect Pro, even if it’s receiving the same input, which will be named “Perf. Ch. 1” when you copy the files over. You can do up to 16 tracks in VST Connect Pro.

The documentation does not sufficiently explain this, so I thought I would share. Sorry for the book!

A request for future versions of the software - tie local HD versions of files to the corresponding Nuendo/Cubase track, NOT the position in the VST Connect Pro mixer.