Important notice for Steinberg management team!


Unfortunately, I didn’t find an other way to communicate with you. I hope my message has been delivered and seen by the management team as soon as possible.

You are Steinberg, you are one of the best company in the world, I want to believe you…

I’m one of the blind musician. I’m using UR44 soundcard. It is very nice but…

It is hard to say; but only steinberg DSPMixFX UR44 application is totally inaccessible in the market with screen readers…
Focusrite, Roland soundcard applications working with screen readers, why Steinber forgot us?

It is really easy, you will lable some text elements, implement Accessibility API… I’m sure that your developer can do this if they want.
If it’s not possible to change application interface, you can make other changes like add an XML import feature.
I know that, If you want to do something, it is really easy to find a solution.

You are updating /publishing new version of the application; but you are forgeting your blind customers.

I’m looking for a person to help me for setting up my DSPMixFX application, like enabling loopback function, panning channel faders etc for 3 days. I’ve created lot of topic in afew forums.
I didn’t find anybody to help me :frowning:
I don’t want to request help from anybody…

Please, please help us for this really important issue.

I’d like to be a volunteer beta tester for new versions If you want to change our world.

Please note: if you need more contact details, you can use my registered email address.

Best regards!

To all forum members,

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Sorry for asking, am I rong/missing something?

I want to change my device settings without help!

For example, I’d like to enable loopback function; but I didn’t find anybody to do this for me :frowning:

That meens one day if you loos your eyes, you can’t use Steinberg soundcards
Devices are perfect; but softwares are not accessible…

I sympathize with your frustration. It must be maddening when you come across non-standard software that does not allow itself to be read by screen reader software. I will forward your message to the support team. However, they are on winter break until after the new year, so you might not hear back till then.

If you would like to do a screen share session I would be happy to help you set things up. I am in the USA, central time. Shoot me a message if you want to.

Dear Steve,

First of all, thanks for your reply and understanding.

I would’ be happy if support team make a changes for this issue, I’d like to use my application and soundcard by myself.
For example, you said ‘I can help you’; in this case, we can do some modification together at once. But in the future… How can I bother you again? If Steinberg wants, I know that they can find a solution…
I developed lot of application in the past; so I really know that this is not a hard job for them.

I will send my Skype ID via PM.

Thank you so much again for everything, I will look forward their answers…


Of course- software should be accessible. Indeed, I don’t have a solution to the larger problem, but I can help out in this instance.

Glad to read your answer, thank you so much again!

How can we contact? I’ve sent my contact details via private messaging.


(email sent)

Steve, you are a class-act. Well done.

So did you get it sorted? I was attempting to assist via some posts previously.


It seems that I solved my problem thanks to your help.

Thank you so much for your understanding.

I hope this will be an example for Steinberg team…

Yes indeed! We created an Autohotkey script that opens dspMixFx.exe, switches to the prefs page and turns on loopback. And we had fun hanging on skype- even had a mutual acquaintance.

It was really fun! :slight_smile:))