Imported Acid samples do not time stretch correctly?

Windows 10 64 bit
Cubase 10.5 LE AI

New to Cubase 10.5 (my old version is Cubase 5) and it is one hell of a learning curve.

I use a lot of audio in my productions, both full stems and sections cut up (1 bar or even 1-2 beats) so accurate time stretch is imperative to me.
My old version of Cubase 5 has always been rock solid for me especially run on Windows 7 32 bit but as I have upgraded to Windows 10 64 bit and Cubase 10 LE AI came with my new UR 22 Mkii Audio Interface I am giving it a go with a view to updating to Artist or Pro if it will do what I need, in a fast efficient and none convoluted manner.

A fast and easy workflow is important and nothing kills creativity as quickly as something very simple made to be very complicated.

This is my issue.

I have a 22 (1 bar) wav’s that I need to insert on the same track and for cubase to time stretch (or shrink) to match the project tempo but when I import then into the track they are not automatically time stretched and when I do it manually Cubase shows the wrong tempo in the editor…

This is how I prepare and import my audio in to Cubase 10.

I use Sound Forge 13 to cutup and save my 1 bar sections to a specific folder.

I then use Chicken Systems Translator to convert the files to 1 bar Acid files.

I have checked that the conversion worked by checking each file’s tempo information in Sound Forge which shows the correct BPM / Beats / Bars settings.

I then open MediaBay and in the file browser I select the folder that I save the files to.
MediaBay does NOT read the Acid tempo data so I select all files in the results window and Right Click > Check Tempo, the correct Tempo information is then shown.

I then Right Click > Insert into Project > At Cursor and then close MediaBay.

To my limited knowledge, the files should now be inserted in my chosen track and time stretched to the project tempo, but this is not the case.

Just looking at the track shows that the samples have not been time stretched and a quick play back confirms this.

So I double click on one of the 1 bar files to open the Editor which shows Musical Mode is enabled and shows the file is 1 Bar with a tempo of 127.73 which is half right - the tempo of this 1 bar sample is actually 125 bpm. Then if I click on the up arrow in the bar section to increase it to 2 bars and then click down arrow back to one bar cubase then then stretches the sample to the project tempo. However it is now showing the samples tempo as 139.02 bpm which is way way off.

Can someone suggest why this is happening and what I can do to fix this?

As I said at the start of this post the need is for cubase to import the samples, detect their tempo and automatically time stretch each sample to the project tempo when I insert any given sample into a track within my project.

I am sure you get asked this type of question lot so I appreciate your forbearance and help.

As I need to get on with my work and seeing how no one has answered I am going to as this question in another forum.

So much for this being a helpful forum.

I find it very annoying that Steinberg encourage users to post here for help but that help either does not materialse or takes days, not good enough Steinberg…