Imported AIFF files play back at wrong speed

I am importing some AIFF files into an Audio Montage but they playback at a different pitch. Sample rate seems the same. Imported same files into Logic and they work fine. Anyideas?

Thank you.

Provide me one sample, so that I check it.

Thank you. Much appreciated.

Not sure how to send you the file as the forum doesn’t support aiff uploads as far as I can make out. Would need your email for that.

Richard Gonski

Hi PG,

Today I loaded up Wavelab and the files loaded perfectly without a problem.

Thank you for your offer of help. I have no idea why Wavelab behaved in that way yesterday and not today.

I could play your file in WaveLab 10.0.50 and 2 other software, with the same pitch. Hence I don’t know what is the problem you experiment.