Imported audio has different duration

I exported an audio track from Sonar and imported it to Cubase. The audio in Cubase doesn’t start at measure 2 as it did in Sonar.

So I changed the tempo, I was expecting that to correct the problem but it made no difference. I tried exporting the audio as a loop in case that helped but noooooo, it didn’t. I checked the tempo and it had somehow reverted to 120, so I changed it again - no difference.

How do I get a four measure audio clip into Cubase such that it starts and stops where it did in Sonar? And how do I get the tempo to stay at the value I set it to? I just looked again and it had reverted to the default 120, even though I’ve set to 76 twice already.

Thanks - rev

The audio has a different duration (Absolute time), or it does not fit in a given bar grid?

You set the same project tempo, the same as you had in Sonar, and the move the file to the bar you want it (unless you recorded the file as broadcast wave file, with timestamps in it, which would allow you to automatically place it to the origin position, if you have the same timecode settings in Sonar and Cubase.
Or you could use the Timewarp tool.

Which Tempo? Project tempo or audio clip tempo? Both is explained in the manual