Imported audio incorrect length and has offset

I’m dragging 4x samples into a project from windows explorer. I choose “different tracks” and tracks/events are created. All events are not starting at sample 0000. Instead they are the incorrect length and have an offset value.

Why? Is there a preference or setting related to this? Is it file metadata?


The Audio Events use the Event Snap Point. By default, this point is 1 sec from the Audio Event start.

The reason is, that Cubase and Nuendo record the audio continuously, once the Record is enabled on the given track. The last 1 sec is always kept. Thanks to this, you can retrieve 1 sec back, if you hit the Record button too late.

You can change this setting in the Preferences > Record > Audio > Audio Pre-Records Seconds.

I’m familiar with this setting. I’m not recording audio though. This happens when dragging audio into the timeline. The offset is also different than the 1.0000 Audio Pre-Record value. This picture shows the Offset value as 02:31 (Timecode) and the Length is off by this much.

To edit the audio, I must ZERO the offset and resize the event. All of these actions are not related to the recording buffer. I changed that value in Preference to 0.000 and dragging audio to timeline still has the offset value and incorrect length

Does this happen all the time, or only with these specific files?

What is the location from which you are importing to the Timeline? Will only the length change or the sound as well?

Only the length and offset. Sample rate and sound are unchanged

Testing with other programs… This anomoly does not occur in Cubase 12 or Nuendo 12.0.70

Strange. Is there anything special about these files? (You have not yet written whether the problem affects only these files or other files as well in N13.)


Could you try in the Cubase/Nuendo Safe Start Mode [Disable preferences], please?

After starting in Safe Start Mode, Nuendo will not allow dragging audio files into the timeline from Windows Explorer. I can use the import audio dialog from the File Menu, but the offset is still present.

I should add… These offsets do not occur if using the Pool to insert audio to timeline. They only occur when dragging these files to the timeline from their folder location

The problem does seem to only effect these files. We are developing a sample library (and have done many). The audio files do not have any injected metadata that I can find using various programs. They DO share many similar file names… For example “LDC_TextSPARSE_A3.wav”

There are 88 files with similar names… only changing the note value at the end. Could this have some impact on how Nuendo interprets the file on import?


I don’t mean Windows in the Safe mode, I mean the way, which is described in the linked article.

Correct. Nuendo preference safe mode is what i did and was referring to

To add more observations… The system will import a few correctly… so I can’t say that it’s the ALL the files. It’s a mystery though and doesn’t happen in N12 or C12.

I can’t really imagine that.
Have you ever tested if renaming the file changes anything? (I don’t think so, but you might be desperate enough to try.)

Have you tried if starting Nuendo as administrator makes a difference? (On Windows. I don’t know if there is something similar on Mac.)

Otherwise, I can offer to send me one of the problematic files. Then I could test if I have problems in N13 too.

I would take you up on it but these are product development files and the NDA people would be very unhappy that I shared their content publicly…

Plus… wanted to report back that I’ve become certain that it’s something about the files in that specific folder. I’m a few hundred files into the project now, and things from other folders are importing normally.