Imported audio mix-down into mastering project plays at slower speed.

Hi Folks,

Trying to master my own mix-down in Cubase 10 but when I import the audio mix-down WAV file it plays at a noticeably slower speed then the original file.

Does anyone know why this may be happening?

Is there a template setting in Cubase’s Mastering project that stretches the stereo audio mix-down WAV file automatically?

I look forward to hearing from some Cubase guru[s] and thank you in advance on any help you can give to solve this issue.



You almost certainly have a sample rate mismatch.

Thank you Grim.
How do I go about checking this and then correcting the mismatch?



You check the rate of your interface, your Cubase project and you audio files, and then adjust the, to one common rate.

Thanks Svennilenni.

All done and working fine.