Imported Audio not Updated

So i mixed down a project and this produced a wav file that was 3:20 in length. I then created a new project and imported this track and deselected the option to copy it to the project audio, so its referencing the file that was produced by the first project.

I then found an issue in the wav so closed the project and reopened the original project fixed the issue and reexported the wav file apart from this time the wav is 3:15 as i’d removed something.

When i then went back to second project and opened it i observed that whilst playing the new wav file was been used in the project track it was till showing as been 3:20 long and now there was a 5 second silence and a glitch added to the end. Surely this is a bug otherwise trying to share wav files means if they change cubase will not reflect the change and you manually have to remove and re add the wav which defeats trying to share file.