Imported audio samples and Flexphraser availability

Hi All,

On importing samples from Cubase audio tracks (by drag and drop) the following occurs:

the contents of the “midi mod” tab (INCLUDING FLEXPHRASER ARPEGGIATOR) ARE NO LONGER AVAILABLE. They just disappear.

Question is this: Is it not possible to use the arpeggiator with imported audio samples??

Anyone know a solution or where I’m going wrong?



Never mind…I’ve worked it out. :unamused:

Care to elaborate for others that may experience this issue? Thanks for your time.

Certainly I’ll explain…

Just look at the demo video here at around 2min 30 sec.

or rather here…

Basically, once you have imported your sample, click on the midi icon in the program tree (top right window) and choose Flexphraser from drop-down menu. Then go to the midi mod tab in the central window and it will be there now. Activate it. Done.

Parlanchin :slight_smile:

Awesome, thank you. I do not yet have Halion 4 but wanted to keep this in mind for when I do get it. Could certainly save me some downtime in trying to figure this out.