Imported Audio: Time Stretch Oddity

Hey all- This video hopefully illustrates the crux of my issue/questions, but here’s a brief summary:

  • Session is at 44.1/24
  • All audio I’ve either brought in from sample libraries or recorded natively into the session stretch to various tempos perfectly with Musical Mode and Pro Elastique Time selected
  • I have my Cubase prefs set to convert imported audio to my project settings
  • When I import a scratch vocal MP3 that a friend sent, it doesn’t behave like all my other audio. I have ensured it is set to musical mode and Pro Elastique Time, but then it plays exceedingly slow. When I untick Musical Time, it plays fine at the tempo he recorded it at, but of course won’t stretch/fit the project tempo if I change that.

So, in essence trying to understand what is different about his files versus everything else. I’ve also tested importing other various .WAV files at differing Sample/Bit rates, most work fine, but some exhibit the same behavior as the MP3 example in the video. For ex: I just tried bringing in a drum loop that is at 44.1/16 and it stretches perfectly after import But I also tried to bring in a 44.1/24 .WAV reference track from a construction kit and it behaves like the MP3. Head scratching commenced! :slight_smile:

Thanks for any assistance out there, kind folks!


If you open the Audio Pool and locate the vocal file, is the tempo set correctly?

Hey @mlindeb - Thank for the reply-- by set correctly, do you mean to the tempo my friend recorded it at, or my Project’s tempo? If the latter, not sure why that would need to be set that way since none of the other samples I’ve brought it are set to my Project tempo in the pool. If you mean to the BPM he recorded at, interestingly it is not! It says 120.12 but I know he recorded it at 90. UPDATE: Oh wow- you solved it! I set his file import to 90 and all is well! How weird-- wonder why it came in at 120.12? In any event, THANK YOU!!

Try changing it to 90bpm.

If the file doesn’t contain the tempo information, Cubase tries to guess the tempo based on the length of the file.

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Ah- gotcha- thank you so much-- now I know to check this on import-- super helpful, and much appreciated! Cheers!

Not just on Import. Cubase often (always?) miscalculates the Tempo when Loop Recording.


Oh wow- also good to know! I haven’t done much global stretching in Cubase obvs, usually just clip-based ad hoc stuff, but this is very helpful for current project and going forward. Thanks!!