Imported audio tracks not in sync


Been working with a friend who sings & she records her vocals with Garageband, exports them to disk & sends them to me to be imported into Cubase 7. This has worked fine for us until last night. I imported her vocal tracks into the project like always but her vocals came in way too early.

So I figured the issue was on her end. Via Skype I watched her screen with GB running and saw how things were in sync with the audio track I sent her to sing to–tempo was correct., bpm, everything was as it should be. She exported the files, zipped them up & sent them to me as she has done many times.

But when I unzipped & exported the files the tracks did NOT match up–vocals were several bars too soon.

I then started a new project in Studio One at the same tempo, etc. Imported the files into S1 & they matched up. I exported these files from S1 & imported them into Cubase where they were 5 measure’s off. I am confuzzled in the worst way over this cuz’ it cost us a lot of time to get these vocal tracks into Cubase 7 where they would work. We have a deadline coming with 2 songs to finish up and I don’t want to waste more time.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks :slight_smile:

You checked for a sample rate mismatch?
Or that they are not being stretched on import (musical mode)?

If no joy, a workaround would be to have her export the music track at the same settings and you can line it up to yours.

Seems this project was on musical mode…figure that’s the issue then.