Imported Audio Tracks unintentionally 'linked'

Hi there,

I just bounced a couple of my VST tracks as audio, using the “Add To Project” function (Add to Pool & Add to Track), but I can’t edit these new tracks individually.
Attached image below.

Same thing happened to me when I imported audio tracks from someone else who edited in Ableton;
I’m guessing that it’s some function I may have accidentally toggled in my cubase.

Anyone has any insight into how to ‘unlink’ the tracks.
The channels aren’t linked in my mixconsole either.

Working around this by adding tracks individually, but it would be nice to get to the root of this! :slight_smile:


Hi and welcome,

On the very top of the tracks I can see these tracks are in the folder. And the Group Editing is enabled in the folder. Disable the Group editing, please. More info in the manual.