Imported Files Not positioned correctly

Hello -

I’m running into a interesting problem -

If I’ve made time edits to a wave file image in Cubase 8, and then realized, I need to replace that wave file with a slightly different mix of the wave file, the file is reimporting into the project slightly out of time.

Here’s the process.

I’m exporting wav files from a much older version of cubase with processing and plugins that I don’t have for Cubase 8.

After importing all the files into Cubase 8 for additional mixing and editing, I realized I made some mistakes in the original files and need to reprint the wav files.

All my markers are in the exact same spot. Next I hide the old file so cubase will ask me to find the correct file to use. Previous to this, while working in Cubase 8, there were edits where I moved some of the track in time. When the new file is found and reimported into the project, the wave file is now slightly out of time by about 1/8 note. SO all my cuts are in the wrong position.

IS there some simple setting that I’m missing that will correct this? Or am I doing this process incorrectly?

What’s the best way to insure my cuts end up where they need to be upon replacing the file?

Thanks so much!


Are you absolutely certain that you didn’t change the print range in your original project between exports? Also check that the Snap Points in both sets of files are the same.

When I’ve done this sort of thing I hide the old version, as you have done, but then rename the new file as the old file before starting Cubase, so it finds the file it expects. It will then rescan to create the new image. This has always worked for me. Not much of a difference in procedure but you never know…

After battling with this all day yesterday, I discovered an insert on the drum group I forgot to turn off. It boggles my mind that having compression on the drum group changed the position of the output of the wave files. After turning off the insert, the files reprinted as expected and all cuts were in the correct position in Cubase 8. The only question now, how many other channels were printed slightly out of time because of plugins or inserts. It’s hard to tell if anything is actually out - because the files are only slightly behind where they would be without inserts. After I reprinted all the drums that had the insert placed on the group that also had cuts, I repositioned the files to line up where they would have been with no insert. Who knows if that was the right move… Thanks for listening!

This makes me wonder if this is a plug-in delay compensation question. Are these 3rd-party plugs that are causing the problem? I’m no great expert here so I refer you to the manual and the threads hereabout.

Manually lining things up doesn’t sound like the greatest idea in the world… Maybe you need to do a dry export for the whole project, just to be on the safe side.

The insert was a Cubase Dynamic Compression Plugin. There were so many great plugins in this project that were instrumental to the sound, that I decided only to remix the drums and bass and do some stem mixing on everything else.

Moving things by hand is definitely not ideal, but I just had to nudge the drums and bass that I sliced up that had an insert applied - over slightly to line them up with the tracks that had no insert, at least I had a guide…

Everything else seems solid. I even printed a couple other tracks that weren’t on that group channel to make sure the insert wasn’t being accounted for in the overall mix. And it wasn’t - which means, the drums in the original mixes were never exactly in time, just slightly out… Wow…

Glad everything’s ok