Imported Flows should not be added to existing layouts

Hello, all,

I have a project consisting of many flows (musical theatre, about 30 flows, some of them only a few bars). The flows had been originally created as individual projects in another notation program. I usually create layouts for the individual flows, sometimes for a group of flows.

Now, each time I import a new flow - in my case as XML - Dorico would correctly create a new flow, as intended. It would also automatically activate this new flow in any of the already existing layouts, which I don’t want. Now, I have to go through each of the existing layouts and manually deactivate this flow.

Is there a way to have this behaviour user selected? I am using now Dorico 3, I have never used the import of XML into existing projects in Dorico 2.

There’s no way to do this at the moment, I’m afraid, but it is something that has come up before and for which we may very well introduce some options in future.

Great! Thank you again for a quick answer