Imported graphics in full score and parts

Sometimes I use graphic notation which I import as an SVG. In Dorico, if I add them to a part in the full score they do not show in the individual parts, is there a way to enable this? The attached image is an example.

If you’re using frames, then those are layout-specific. To get them appearing on every layout, you would need to add them as ‘notation’, such as a Playing Technique.

The wiggly line parts you could also do as a custom line, either with a single line body comprising that pattern or with repeatable symbols that build up to it (Dorico Pro 3.5 required)

If this is intended as like a whole page, you could create a master page that includes this in a graphic frame, and then import the page into the other master page set (that is, if you make the master page in the score master page set, you’d need to import it into the part master page set in order to be able to apply it to pages in the part layouts)