Imported kits do not perform any playback technique conversion during Play mode MIDI import

Continuing the discussion from Importing Superior Drummer 3 MIDI Into Dorico?:

It appears that an imported percussion kit doesn’t convert percussion playback techniques into noteheads. A kit built from scratch does not appear to this issue. The kit in the attached project is Drum Set (full), minus woodblocks and cowbell, and plus one more tom-tom.

  1. Open the attached project.
  2. Export MIDI and export the percussion kit.
  3. Setup mode: Create a new solo player and import the percussion kit.
  4. Write mode: Delete the music.
  5. Play mode: Drag the MIDI into each of the kits at measure 1.

You’ll see that the original kit recreates the music exactly as it was written, while the imported kit does not.

percussion_kit_export_issue.dorico (657.9 KB)

Yea, I have the same problem.


Also, I have problems getting sound on imported kits. Otherwise never any problem. There is something not quite right with the drumkit import.


Edit: I’m using EZDrummer

I haven’t tried the file you posted yet, but when importing drum kits from midi the techniques need to be already mapped in the percussion map, Dorico won’t create techniques during the import.

It is, on my tests John. Did a new test with the default Drumset basic and Noteperformer.
Added 4 snaredrum strokes with different playing techniques… Exported the Kit. Exported the MIDI. Imported the kit to a new Player. Dragged in the MIDI to the imported kit in Play mode. The 4 snaredrum strokes import as 2 snaredrum without the playing techniques and 2 crash cymbal strokes.


Dorico also crashes quite often when dragging in the MIDI file.

Dorico (768.0 KB)