Imported Midi files do not play at correct tempo

When i import midi files created in other DAW’s or from the internet or from my collection they always play at 120 beats and never the actual tempo.

My other DAW’s are capable of playing them at the recorded/correct tempo.

What do i do to correct that problem in Cubase Elements 7 ?


if you create a new project when importing the MIDI file, the project will get the tempo information from the MIDI file. If you import the file to an already existing project, the project will just keep its own tempo.

Hope this helps


Can you open the midi file in an editor and remove the embedded tempo info?

You may need the option in Preferences>MIDI>MIDI File>Import Options>Ignore Master Track Events on Merge.

Thanks for your heads up to my frustration with importing midi files.

Obviously i still have problems understanding how to do the settings in Cubase, for example, in reference to your information: do i tick that box or untick that box ?

Screen shot of what my settings are right now by default i think because i did not tick that Ignore Master Track Events box.
SShot 2014-11-19 at 11.07.01 AM.png

Thanks for your response/interest in my problem.

OK taking in account as to what you say, at the moment i am trying to wrap my head around as to why it is when i launch CB Elements 7 and select from the drop down menu File/ import midi file i then have to open or is it create a project folder for that file which i do. Then when i play that midi file the tempo is fixed @ 120 beats.

This is extremely strange to me because this does not happen in other DAW’s such as Digital Performer 8 , Logic Pro X or my score applications such as Sibelius. In those mentioned applications i simply import an midi file and it plays the file at the tempo set by the creator programme of the midi file.

Yes i suppose so but that sure is pain in the studio to do that with every midi file. Don’t have to do that with other DAW’s or even Score progammes.

It’s obvious that there is some setting or settings i do not fully understand how to properly set up in CB Elements 7.

In your screenshot, that option is checkmarked, so it will ignore the “embedded” tempo when you import the MIDI File into an existing project (so if the current project is at 120 BPM, so will be your imported MIDI). If that option were not checkmarked, it would import the tempo also.
If, on the other hand, you had chosen to “Create New Project”, it would (or at least should :wink: ) import the tempo in any case.


Thank you very very much not only for your help but also for your explanation.

Once again i have a lot to learn about how to set the preferences because to me the settings are counter intuitive.

I made a “test” midi file import and with that box unchecked the file played at the prescribed tempo and not at the fixed CB temp of 120 beats.

All seems to be OK until the next problem. Sure glad there are users such as yourself more then willing to help without putting out any messages to make the user feel stupid.