imported midi files

HALLO im watching tutorials but i can’t figure out which function of dorico i could use to solve this problem. the peace was imported from cubase pro8 to Dorico3 as midi file. nr 2 should have looked like nr 1 ,instead i get this rhythm in many places (attachment 1) . if i re-quantize with 8th notes and no tuplets detected i get this ( attachment2), if re-quantize two measures together i get this (attachment 3) which also look like the notes are flipped …?

Welcome to the forum, chopin123. I can’t quite follow which of your attachments relate to which of your statements. Could you perhaps remove the attachments and rename them so that they’re called e.g. “example1”, “example2”, “example3” and then re-attach them to your post and let me know when you’ve done so?

Thank you Daniel , i just replaced the attachments

Unfortunately I’m still not 100% clear what the issue is, but I would suggest that you try requantizing without allowing any tuplets.

actually the second and the third attachment is after i re-quantized without any tuplets. when you look at the first attachment the circled part 1 should be exactly the same like the circled part 2 . instead part 2 gets wrong rhythm and after trying re-quantzing it i get the notes in the wrong order.

Perhaps you could zip up the MIDI file and attach it here, perhaps with a screenshot of how the music looks in Cubase’s Score editor window, if that’s how you want it to look in Dorico. The other option would be to export MusicXML from Cubase and import that into Dorico, as that will use the notated values shown in Cubase’s Score editor without the need for any quantization.

tried few times but i’m getting some error message …? attached …"ERROR-element midi -program :‘0’ is not a valid value of the atomic type ‘midi-128’.at line 37 of /users/ …

Ah, yes, you’re using Cubase 8.5, which has a few glitches in its MusicXML export. If and when you update to a more recent version of Cubase, those problems will have been resolved. In the meantime you are probably better off with MIDI. As I say, perhaps you could zip up and attach the MIDI file and a screenshot of how you would like the music to look from Cubase’s score editor?

i just read about cubase pro 10 update from 8 for $200 and almost went for it but i found on vienna symphonic library forum that cubase 10 causes a lot of problems with their synchron player.i mostly use VSL and work on a huge template so i would’t want to mess with that. Hmmmmm, i’m not sure if i can still update to cubase 9.5 which worked perfectly as i’m reading , that would be best solution. also importing midi file instead of xml file to Dorico seems a little more complicated with editing it afterwards…

Hallo Daniel
so i am finally in Cubase 10 Pro, beautiful upgrade btw…i’m trying to attach midi and xml file both zipped and unzipped but it doesn’t let me , even screen shots with .png are rejected …?

I just tested attaching a file here and it seemed to work OK for me, but you can always email the files to me directly if you wish: my email address is d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de. Please remember to include a link to this thread so I can remember what I’m supposed to be looking at.